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Express Your Love with the Right Valentine’s Day Flowers

Love is in the air! Whether it’s going to be a Netflix-and-Chill date or a fancy dinner at a high-end restaurant, brighten up your sweetheart’s day and take her out with a lovely bouquet that will be sure to bring a smile to her face. On this special day, Romantics can take the level up another notch simply by choosing the right flowers with the right message to convey. Impress your beloved with thoughtful Valentine’s Day flowers carrying a meaningful message. The following are some options we’ve put together to help you out a little!


Gift of Affirmation: You Are My Treasured One


A wholesome arrangement of classic red roses nestled among sprigs of eucalyptus. With 11 red roses signifying dedicated love, and eucalyptus symbolising protection, reassure your treasured one that she is truly loved and keep her safe in your arms with this Valentine’s Day bouquet.

Gift of Confession: I Want To Be Yours


She’s brave, she’s gentle, and she’s loving and kind. She’s adorable, and she’s also quirky at times. If she makes you smile and is always on your mind, then maybe it’s time to gather up your courage and let her know just how much you like her! 6 pink Valentine roses to confess your love, with the sweetness and innocence of a blooming romance, accompanied by lavender matthiola and lilac eustoma flowers to symbolise lasting beauty and a happy life with her by your side.


Gift of Strength: Here For You


On the toughest days, the greatest source of strength often comes from the support and encouragement of loved ones, family and close friends. Offer her a graceful bouquet of 8 Valentine’s Day roses as a gesture of your unwavering support. These 8 roses in hues of gentle pink can also be a sincere sign of appreciation, to convey your gratefulness for all her care and to thank her for always being there.


Gift of Proposal: Now and Always


You’ve already been through the many ups and downs of life together, and developed a mutual connection and understanding. With time, you realise that there’s no one else you’d rather spend eternity with. Bestow upon her this stunning Valentine’s Day gift as a declaration of your love. Vibrant orange tulips arranged harmoniously with purple wax flowers – a bouquet of perfect love with meanings of happiness and bliss in marriage, a promise of now and always.


Gift of Commitment: Together Forever


Walk the streets of time in each other’s company. It’s time to mark and celebrate another year together with this exquisite Valentine’s Day gift. Enclosed in a pristine case and adorned with a sleek black ribbon, these 9 brilliant red roses stand for eternal love, serving as a pact to grow old together.

  Express your love and affection with meaningful flowers on this romantic occasion, and shower your cherished lady with all the attention she deserves. We also provide flower delivery within Singapore for any surprises you might have in mind. For more Valentine’s Day flowers or rose bouquets in Singapore, simply take a look around our website for inspiration. We have a wide and varied collection of blooms that are catered to different needs, so no worries because you’ll be sure to find an option among the best Valentine flowers to gift.