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BEST Bird's Nest with White Fungus, American Ginseng & Rock Sugar 75ml (10 boxes)

BEST Bird's Nest with White Fungus, American Ginseng & Rock Sugar 150ml (12 bottles)

BEST Bird's Nest with Collagen Strips 150ml (24 bottles)


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Benefits of Consumption

Supports Skin Health

Improves Brain Function

Boosts Immunity

Promotes Bone Health

Mental Wellness

Enhance Digestion

Better Sleep

Improves Lung Health

Most Suitable For

Pregnant and Post-Natal Women

Contains glycoprotein and amino acids that helps maintain immunity and prevents stretch marks, and tryptophan that reduces stress, anxiety, and fatigue.

Elderly and Seniors

Numerous amino acids, proteins and other minerals to boost immunity and improve digestion, sleep and lung health.

Children and Youths

Contains neuraminidase, which aids in intellectual development, as well as countless essential nutrients that helps build bone and muscles!

Working Adults

Negate negative effects of work-related stress, smoking and drinking habits, and even improves complexion by boosting collagen production!

Stuffed Angled Luffa with Bird's Nest and Minced Pork on Steamed Egg


• 1 Bottle of BEST Bird’s Nest
• 2 Whole Fresh Eggs
• 100g of Minced Meat
• 1pc of Angled Luffa
• 8pcs of Goji Berries
• 140g of Chicken Stock
• 80g of Milk
• Salt, Pepper, Sugar & Sesame Oil to taste
• 2g of All-purpose Flour
• 4g of Chicken Seasoning Powder


1. Shred luffa skin and chop the inner section into 2cm-thick slices. Dice the rest for use later.
2. Scoop out the centre of the luffa slices for the filling.
3. For the filling, mix minced meat with 1 egg yolk, salt, sugar, pepper, sesame oil and all-purpose flour.
4. Stuff the sliced luffa with filling. Steam for 5 minutes and drain the excess water after.
5. Beat 2 egg whites, 1 egg yolk with chicken stock, milk and chicken seasoning powder. Add pepper and salt to taste. 6. Pour mixture into the dish with the steamed sliced luffa and steam again for 8 minutes.
7. In the meantime, soften the goji berries in hot water and heat the bird's nest bottle in hot water.
8. Top the steamed luffa with bird's nest and garnish with goji berries before serving.

*Recipe courtesy of Jia He Chinese Restaurant Chef

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