Noel Gifts gives back to our elders




Over the past few years, Noel Gifts has established a close partnership with St Luke's Eldercare (SLEC), collaborating on multiple campaigns aimed at bringing joy to the elderly in our community. As part of these endeavors, Noel Gifts has organised floral arrangement workshops at SLEC centers, providing the elders with engaging and meaningful activities. This initiative reflects our commitment to giving back to the community by sharing our knowledge and expertise and assisting the elders in crafting their own beautiful floral arrangements. The elders were equally overjoyed to receive fruit baskets from Noel Gifts, through the “Make a Fruitful Impact” Campaign, where donors were able to leave small notes of appreciation to the elders and care staff at SLEC.

Noel Gifts will continue to work with SLEC to create similar meaningful campaigns and activities for the elderly in our community. We invite and encourage you to join us in showing your support as well.


  About St Luke’s Eldercare


St Luke’s ElderCare (SLEC) is a Christian healthcare provider committed to meeting the evolving needs of the community, excelling in social care and clinical excellence for ageing well. SLEC’s ecosystem of care service is centre, community, residential and home-based. With a vision of Transforming Community Care, we deliver a full range of integrated services and programmes including maintenance day care, day rehabilitation such as physiotherapy and occupational therapy, dementia, wound, nursing and respite care, wellness programmes, and transportation. SLEC operates 24 Senior Care and Rehabilitation Centres islandwide, one Active Ageing Hub in Bishan, one Active Ageing Centre (Care) in Chong Pang, and one Residential Facility in Ang Mo Kio.

Find out how you can play a part in bringing a smile to the elders in our community!